The LinkedIn Activation Blueprint: Create The Niche Of You, Understand How To Create Content (That Attracts The Right Audience), Find Your Community And Start Building A Pipeline (For Your Offer) Today.

How to define the niche of youBuild a content assembly line - and why it’s easier than you think (to publish daily)How to relaunch your LinkedIn profile (to generate pipeline for your offer)The engagement strategy you need to grow on auto-pilotHow to get up to 50% opt-in rates for your irresistible offer (which leads to 15-25x the lead volume)This free email course gives you everything you need to become an online creator today.

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My name is Andrew McGuire, and I have spent thousands on LinkedIn consulting, gone through all the courses out there, understand how to leverage digital writing - And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

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Day 1: Define the niche of you - and how to leverage it into creating your own category (and audience)Day 2: Build your content assembly line - and why it’s easier than you think to publish daily content (with a simple process in place)Day 3: Relaunch your LinkedIn profile - and why your profile is the number one pipeline generation engine (that you’re not tapping into today)Day 4: Finding your community - and how to build an engagement strategy that allows you to grow on auto-pilotDay 5: Creating your irresistible offer so you’ll never have to worry about where the pipeline will come from.

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